Industry: Publishing
Services: Information Architecture, Web Design

Mag+ is a complete ecosystem for creating and distributing content within mobile apps.
As a resulting shift in their business initiative, we were tapped to work closely with their marketing team
in developing a more sophisticated presence and to refine the user experience.

Web Development

They required a site that was easy for the non-web savvy user to navigate, and it needed to supported quick reconfigurations and page development for its ever changing business needs.

Mag+ Site on Devices

What we Made Better

With a thorough UX exploration (User Experience), we developed a site fully responsive to support display on popular screens sizes and devices.
We structured the site around an SEO optimized content architecture and built a system to manage key meta data for each page.

Promo Modultes

We spiced up the bland stuff

Rich features we developed allow content layouts to be created with agility, and support style control to show off great photography and keep content from being monotonous.

Content Layouts

APIs and 3rd Party Tools

Overhead using 3rd party tools can be costly, especially for retail and hospitality services. Using Google Calendar for lodging and party reservation management, we were able to utilize the company’s existing account for no additional cost. This gives the client quick access through their existing Google account as they receive requests through their email, allowing them to keep the reservation schedules on the site current.


Wines Direct Logo

Inventory and Product management is no small task. For e-commerce JOLO uses WineDirect, we leveraged their page template system to integrate a seamless user experience across multiple website domains.