Industry: Healthcare
Services: Branding, Collateral, Information Architecture, Web Design, App Design

WINFertility is a national leader in managed fertility benefits. They deliver family-building benefit solutions to employers, health plans, and individual patients. WIN’s branding had become fragmented and inconsistent from years of growth and transition. Working closely with their agile marketing team, we developed an identity, online presence, and mobile app that was fresh, industry centric, and versatile.


Through an emotional exploration of the metaphors and symbolism of life, fertility and family, we cultivated a visual identity. The below images are a sample of the development process that resulted in the company’s final logo. The final logo served as the creative foundation for the development of iconography, infographics, collateral, and convention materials.

Win Logo on Stationary
Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Win Logo on Stationary Brochures 1    

Online Presence

Working with the business development and marketing teams, we developed a web experience that would educate and promote business leads. We created infographics to help demystify service processes, and implemented tools and workflows to make content publishing painless.

WIN Website Responsive Screen States
Wires 1
Wires 2
Wires 3
Win Logo on Stationary
WIN infographic 1
WIN infographic 2
WIN infographic 3

App Design

A key component to the company’s business is their mobile app. It allows
users to track their fertility cycle, provide them with their benefit
details and allow them to connect directly to a health professional for
video conferencing.

Through an architectural exploration, we designed a custom experience catered to their unique needs. The below images are a sample of the development process that resulted in the company’s final logo mark.

Win App Calendar
Win App Pie Chart
Apple Store Screen 1
Apple Store Screen 2
Apple Store Screen 3
Apple Store Screen 4
Apple Store Screen 5
Apple Store Screen 6
Photo of App