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Interactive and Design Studio

Interactive and Design Studio

We're a couple of people who specialize in identity and online presence. We know the trends, the pitfalls, and the best practices. Whether you need a hand, your hand held, or need to hand off, let us help you.

A Baltimore web design and graphic design studio based out of Hoboken, New Jersey with coordination in Baltimore Maryland specializing in web design, web site building, branding, logo design, print design services and wordpress web development.


Example Work

  • Brewer is our “databaseless” design extranet that we're sharing. It showcases designs and mock-ups online allowing for easy viewing.

  • We recently worked with ProductionPro to create a site for their soon to be released app.
    If you're in the TV/Movie/Stage industry you'll definitely want to check this out.

  • Our iPhone app Pizza Counter has been receiving a lot of attention.

  • We're working with Mag+ to revamp their site. Learn about their mobile app creation solutions and see the updates we're making.

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